Abound's Mission

Abound Digital exists to strengthen communities by supporting the businesses and organizations that serve them

Our Strategy


Abound helps clients share what they do best with the people that need those skills most. Companies are only as strong as the relationships they build. We help clients develop the tools and processes to build meaningful relationships, at scale, in a digital age.


The Tactics

We help clients better understand their ideal customer's online behavior, create content that aids that customer at each stage of their journey, and pinpoint the most effective communication channels. When customers are ready to buy, our clients are at the top of the shortlist.

Sam Chesebrough



My professional passion is helping small businesses and organizations succeed by building meaningful relationships with the people they serve. I believe deeply in the power of exchanging traditional, interruptive advertising for a more organic and personal approach.

My career in marketing has been split between the client and agency side. At Wayfair, a Boston-based online retail startup that has since gone public, I lead a team responsible for developing and executing customer acquisition strategy. At ThomasNet RPM, a leading digital marketing agency out of New York, I worked with clients in the manufacturing and industrial space to exceed lead generation and sales goals.

Since the launch of Abound Digital in 2016, I've been pursuing my dream of helping smaller businesses and non-profits that I care about to thrive and grow.

After years in Boston and NYC my wife Danielle and I returned to our hometown of Mystic/Stonington where we're raising our three young children. My strongest personal & professional interests involve understanding the role technology plays in how spend their time, learn and make decisions. Outside of work Sam enjoys skiing, boating, photography, woodworking, food, travel and pond hockey.


Mystic CT, located between New York and Boston, is home but we can help you reach customers wherever you or they happen to be


Community is at the heart of our motivation at Abound. Sam's family has been in Mystic/Stonington from the earliest days and we cherish the value of a thriving local ecosystem, here and everywhere.


We also understand that technology has provided opportunity around the globe that was formerly out of reach to most people. As the world grows larger, Abound seeks to help communities feel closer.