Paid Social | PPC | Retargeting

Add the fuel to accelerate your growth

Expand your customer reach and amplify your message with highly targeted digital advertising campaigns. Whether it's Google Adwords, retargeting or paid social, success in paid channels hinges on precise, data-driven decision making. Focus your resources on the right audience and in the right places - then optimize your process for converting that traffic into new business.

Target the Right Audience

Begin by defining the behavioral and demographic characteristics of your ideal audience – then target that audience with a level of precision that only digital channels can offer. Build out your long tail keywords, retarget site visitors that display buying behavior and pinpoint social media users based on their interests and ability to influence others.

Content that Converts

Whether traffic is generated organically or through paid channels, content plays a key role in drawing people through each stage of their buying cycle. It is your tool for engaging an audience to offer immediate value, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust.

Data-driven Decision Making

Analyze the immense amount of actionable data available through digital channels to maximize your ROI. Identify and fix leaks in your sales funnel and transition resources from channels with weak performance to those that provide the best return. Respond precisely to conversion rate variations related to seasonality, ad scheduling or user geography.

Test and Learn

Conduct extensive and ongoing testing to draw statically significant conclusions and respond accordingly. Always be testing, learning and iterating your marketing approach to stay on top of a constantly changing landscape.