Social Media Marketing

Join the conversation customers are already having

Many companies fall into the trap of treating social media as a new place to pursue a tired traditional advertising strategy. Users aren’t there to consume ads and they dismiss companies that fail to add clear value. People use social channels to learn, share their insights, to be inspired and to be heard. Companies that understand this have an outsized opportunity to build real relationships.

Enter the Discussion

There is already a conversation happening about your industry. Customers are raving or complaining. Competitors are trying something new. And people on all sides are seeking and sharing information. Find those discussions and look for opportunities to contribute - you will be rewarded.

Listen Up

Companies often find there is more to be gained from listening than speaking. Customers are sharing their problems and expressing their wishes. Social media provides an opportunity to better understand your target customers outside of focus groups or surveys.

Share Something Useful

You are only as relevant as you are valuable. Social channels are a key tool to distribute the informative and interesting content you are hopefully creating - and social is the mechanism by which your work can spread organically.

Monitor Trends and Competitors

Keep your ear to the proverbial ground. A good social strategy helps monitor trends in and out of your industry, providing inspiration and unearthing opportunities to differentiate.

Showcase Your Personality

Various social channels provide opportunities to share different aspects of your company’s personality. Share expertise and be a thought leader when it’s appropriate - and other times loosen up and show the human side of your organization.