Marketing Strategy

Develop the map to long term marketing success

Companies often rush or bypass marketing strategy development in a race to implement the next tactic. But success comes when tactics are chosen to support a long term strategic plan. Abound can help develop that strategic direction and ensure all your efforts are driving toward the same goals.

Develop Measurable Goals

Zero in on the true goals that define your level of success, setting aside the distraction of unimportant vanity metrics.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Understand the scope and nuances of the addressable market so you may identify the segments you can dominate. Define the sales funnel your customer moves through to go from initial awareness to ecstatic evangelism.

Develop Targeted Customer Profiles

Put a face and personality to your key target customers to help crystalize exactly who your marketing efforts must speak to.

Evaluate Resources

Fully understand and harness all the assets at your disposal. Marketing budgets are just the beginning. Identify existing content to be repurposed, mine the expertise of your team and utilize their underused talents. Find of the artists, writers, photographers, thinkers and social butterflies within your team just waiting to contribute.

Align & Train Teams

Marketing is most successful when it has buy-in and contribution from all areas and levels of the organization. Communicate your marketing strategy to your entire team, incorporate their feedback and help them see how their unique skills and interests can be extraordinarily valuable.

Design Processes

Develop measurable and repeatable processes for tactical execution to ensure efficiency and consistent quality.

Evaluate and Iterate

Establish the framework by which progress will be judged. A plan for measuring success will make it perfectly clear when to make adjustments, stay the course, or double down on successes.